Cliftonville Primary and Pre-School is an excellent school the children are happy and thriving. Brilliant school, fabulous staff, great senior leadership team = a happy child! The dedication and hard work from the entire school team is outstanding and clear to see. I think you've all been amazing throughout the years, just want to so say thankyou & we appreciate everything you do for all of us . We love the school and are so impressed with all of the staff who work so hard constantly it is greatly appreciated by the children and parents and carers thank you. Presence of Teachers and caretakers at pick up and drop off really help you feel safe. The well-being of the pupils is outstanding. It is a lovely school with a welcoming feel and a positive atmosphere. Highly visible leadership team. A feeling of pride in the school. Supportive school for both parents and children. As parents we feel really proud that our son comes to such a great school, which we knew was fabulous whether OFSTED told us o

School awarded 'Green Travel Mark'


You will know that we have been involved with the KM Charity Team campaign to encourage children and families to walk to school.  I am really pleased to announce that we have been awarded the 'Green Travel Mark' in recognition of the positive impact this has had.  This project would not have been successful without parental support and the leadership of Mrs Glover and Mrs Sear, our Education Attendance Officers.  Mrs Glover and Ms Whichcord will be receiving the award on behalf of the school at a ceremony at Leeds Castle in June.