Cliftonville Primary and Pre-School is an excellent school the children are happy and thriving. Brilliant school, fabulous staff, great senior leadership team = a happy child! The dedication and hard work from the entire school team is outstanding and clear to see. I think you've all been amazing throughout the years, just want to so say thankyou & we appreciate everything you do for all of us . We love the school and are so impressed with all of the staff who work so hard constantly it is greatly appreciated by the children and parents and carers thank you. Presence of Teachers and caretakers at pick up and drop off really help you feel safe. The well-being of the pupils is outstanding. It is a lovely school with a welcoming feel and a positive atmosphere. Highly visible leadership team. A feeling of pride in the school. Supportive school for both parents and children. As parents we feel really proud that our son comes to such a great school, which we knew was fabulous whether OFSTED told us o

Coastal Academies Trust


Coastal Academies Trust (CAT)

We are very proud to be part of the Coastal Academies Trust (CAT)- a multi-academy trust of four schools: Dane Court Grammar School (Converter Academy); King Ethelbert School (Converter Academy); Hartsdown Academy (Converter Academy); Cliftonville Primary (Sponsored Academy). Royal Harbour Academy Secondary School is currently a guest member.


Coastal Academies Trust was created to form a local partnership of schools with shared collective goals across Thanet.  The fact that we are formally joined together as a Trust means that we have true accountability and collective responsibility for each other and the diverse nature of each type/position of our schools, bringing together different elements of the education sector, makes it exciting, innovative and unique.  We are able to have a direct influence across the whole community of Thanet and we are, over time, helping to raise the aspirations and life chances for everyone in this economically deprived area of the county.


We will work together to provide the best possible education for young people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds enabling them to flourish, both in school and in the future. We are a partnership of equals. We believe in learning from each other and sharing best practice. We have a common aim which is to make Thanet a centre of excellent education. We embrace the collective network of our schools and we celebrate being part of our Trust.



We work together to support and challenge each other as a community of schools for the benefit of the communities we serve. Collectively we can make more of an impact on social equality in a community that has called out for change for so long. Our students and staff will be given a voice – in Thanet, in Kent, nationally and as part of the global community.


There will be no limits to the expectations we have for everyone in our Trust. Achievement and ambition will always be rewarded.


We will constantly strive to move forward our schools and recognise that the key to transformation is excellent leadership, constant analysis and an understanding of how to manage and bring about change. We will work together, as well as with key partners, to ensure that our students have access to transformational life chances.

CAT Continuing Professional Development Day 2023

On Friday 10th February, Coastal Academies Trust hosted its first groundbreaking conference at Dane Court, bringing together over 400 delegates from

its five member schools. David Didau - renowned education expert, teacher, author and self-professed provocateur – captivated the audience with his key

note speech, challenging myths and misconceptions, and promoting innovation in teaching.#


Twenty five speakers from Trust schools and external organisations delivered inspiring presentations on topics ranging from pedagogy

to mental health. The conference served as an invaluable opportunity for educators to expand their networks and learn from the experiences of their peers, with delegates and speakers engaging in lively discussions, exchanging ideas and sharing best practice.


This event showcased the commitment of Coastal Academies Trust to excellence in education, as it continues to create a supportive and progressive environment for its member schools. With a focus on fostering collaboration and sharing expertise, the success of this conference highlights the Trust's dedication to nurturing the next generation of academic achievers in Thanet. Plans are already underway for next year’s event.


“High quality speakers and excellent ideas and challenges to help move us all forward.”


“Lovely to spend time talking and swapping ideas with different members of your own setting, rather than just your year group. Good to meet colleagues from other schools and hear their perspectives. Loved the Key Note speech.”


“I felt the collaborate and supportive atmosphere of a CAT wide CPD day was excellent.”