It is a lovely school with a welcoming feel and a positive atmosphere. Much more visible leadership team. A feeling of pride in the school. As parents we feel really proud that our son comes to such a great school, which we knew was fabulous whether OFSTED told us or not! The trips that Mrs Glover & Mrs Sear have been putting together are a fantastic idea and hope they continue. I am extremely happy with Daniel's progress since starting at the Pre-School. He seems to have made a lovely group of friends and enjoys coming in every day. I can't wait to see him progress further. Senior & middle leaders know the strengths of their staff & deploy them accordingly. More tailored support for different groups of learners has been a really big & positive change. Thank you! The Headteacher has a clear vision for the school & her ambition for it to continue to make improvements is shared by her senior team & staff.

Our Governing Body

Cliftonville Primary and Pre-School is a member of the Coastal Academies Trust (which is known as a multi-academy trust).  The articles of association set out how the multi-academy trust is governed.  The ‘Scheme of delegation’ sets out how power, responsibility and accountability is delegated from the board of trustees to the Executive Head Teacher, Mr Paul Luxmoore, through to the Head Teachers of academies in the trust and their local governing bodies. The Head Teachers are Ms Whichcord Cliftonville Primary and Pre-School, Ms Greig Executive Head Teacher King Ethelbert Secondary School & Dane Court Grammar School, Mr Tate Hartsdown Academy and Mr Pullen Royal Harbour Academy.  

For more information on the Coastal Academies Trust please visit

Governing Bodies in every school have representation from different groups including parents, staff and the wider community.


The Governing Body is part of the Leadership team of the school; they are responsible for working with the school, to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together, with the Head Teacher, who is responsible for the day to day running of the school, the Governing Body sets the school’s strategic aims and policies and ensures they are delivered and monitored.


Governors have three main roles:

  • To provide strategic direction for the school
  • To act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher
  • To ensure accountability


They also carry out a number of other important duties, which include:

  • Determining how the school's budget is spent
  • The appointing and dismissing of staff
  • Hearing appeals and grievances
  • Forming policy on the school's curriculum and collective worship
  • Setting standards for pupils' behaviour and discipline
  • Making sure school buildings are welcoming and safe
  • Setting and monitoring the school's aims and policies


At Cliftonville Primary & Pre-School our Governing Body is made up of a team of committed volunteers, from a selection of education & non-education backgrounds.


As a Full Governing Body, we meet at least three times per year; we have two additional sub-teams who monitor and evaluate standards against our School Improvement Plan.  Our Learning & Development team focuses on curriculum, data and monitoring of teaching and learning.  The Resources team has a focus on finance, personnel and buildings and each of those teams meet three times per year.  Governors receive training on an on-going basis and also meet with Governors of other governing bodies to share good practice and skills.


Our Governors take an active part within our school.  In addition to team meetings they undertake formal visits to monitor progress in many aspects of the school from teaching phonics to health and safety.  They also come along to Church services, drama productions and musical presentations.  As you can appreciate, this requires a lot of time and commitment and we are incredibly grateful to those who give up their time in order to do this invaluable role within our school.  Any of the governors can be contacted via the school office c/o the Clerk.


Cliftonville Primary School Governors 2019 - 2020


Our governors bring a wealth of experience and skills to the team.  For non-staff governors this includes work within Human Resources, Finance, Special Education, School Leadership at senior level, Information Technology, Early Years, Safeguarding and the local community, parish and diocese. Unless otherwise stated the appointment of members was 1st December 2013 on conversion of the school to an Academy.


Mrs Murray - Chair of Governors; Trust Director 

Mr Scobie - Vice-Chair of Governors; Trust Finance Committee; Chair of Resources Team

Ms Whichcord - Head Teacher

Mrs Standen -Staff Governor; SENDCo; Resources Team

Mrs Jewell - Support Staff Governor; Senior Teaching Assistant; Learning & Development Team

Mrs Crittenden - Support Staff Governor: Premises Manager; Resources Team

Mrs Wood - Trust Governor; Resources Team

Mr Lomax - Trust Governor; Resources Team.  Appointed 01.01.17

Mrs Hooper - Parent Governor; Learning and Development Team.  Safeguarding Governor.  Appointed 03.05.17


Mrs Green - Clerk to the Governing Body



Governor attendance has, as always, been of a very good level, with any absences having been fully explained and accepted and approved by the governing body.


There are no causes for concern at the level of commitment shown by any member of the governing body.


This excellent attendance has allowed dialogue to take place with school leaders and governors to be up to date with school, local and national developments.






Governors' Business Interests


It is important that governors and staff not only act impartially, but are also seen to act impartially. The governing body and school staff have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between their business and personal interests and affairs and those of the school. There is a legal duty on all governors to declare an interest likely to lead to questions of bias when considering any item of business at a meeting and for the governor concerned to withdraw, if necessary, whilst the matter is considered.


To help put this duty into practice, a governing body is required to establish and maintain a register of pecuniary interests indicating, for all governors and the headteacher, any business interests. This should include, if appropriate, the company by whom they are employed, directorships, significant shareholdings or other appointments of influence within a business or other organisation which may have dealings with the school. They should include their own interest and those of any member of their immediate family (including partners) or other individuals known to them who may exert influence. The register sheet should be signed by the governor. The register will enable governors to demonstrate that in spending public money they do not benefit personally from decisions that they make. The register must contain, as a minimum, the elements shown on the attached sheet.


Governing Bodies should ensure the register is up to date, complete and includes all governors. Dated nil returns are also required. There should be notification of changes from governors, as appropriate, and through an annual review of entries.




Updated July 2019: to be confirmed in the autumn 2019






STATUS  2017 - 2018



1 December 2013

Mother of Chair of Governors




1 December 2013

Daughter of site manager at the school

Husband is self-employed plasterer




1 December 2013





1 December 2013





1 December 2013





1 December 2013

Member of the Labour Party & Margate Civic Society & Margate Operatic Society


Hooper Marianne 3 May 2017 None Active
Lomax Lyndon  January 2017 None Active

Developing the skills and knowledge of the Governing Body


As an important part of the strategic leadership of the school, governors undertake a lot of training.  Although we are an academy, governors continue to  buy into a package with the Local Authority for training and development.  In addition, bespoke training is delivered by school staff on a range of topics.


Training in the last two years includes:

  • Safeguarding
  • New governors' induction
  • What does challenge and impact look like
  • Understanding and using data
  • e-safety
  • School finance
  • District and Kent conferences
  • Good governance towards Ofsted inspections
  • Strategic governance including data
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Rights Respecting Schools Award
  • Inclusion Quality Mark

Governor visits


Governors make regular formal visits to the school to monitor and evaluate the impact of our work.  In the last two years these have included visits with a focus on:

  • Financial procedures and practices
  • The school in the wider community
  • School ethos and values
  • Assessment
  • Health and safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Rising fives programme
  • Spelling
  • Early Years
  • Open Day and meeting with prospective families
  • Upper Key Stage 2
  • Phonics
  • Use of Pupil Premium funding
  • Extra-curricular music provision
  • British Values: Parliament week





To be confirmed as at July 2019



Items agreed for agenda

Chair of the committee + Head Teacher

Agenda sent out


Clerk to GB

Meeting date

Learning & Development


Full Governing Body




Full Governing Body


Learning & Development


Full Governing Body




Learning & Development


Full Governing Body


Away Day: FGB & Resources


Strategic Planning Day


The Governing Body meets with the Senior Leadership Team, for a whole day, to plan the school improvement priorities for the following academic year and beyond.  It is a chance to discuss key issues in depth from pupils' performance data & feedback from the parents' and carers' questionnaire to financial management and budgets.