It is a lovely school with a welcoming feel and a positive atmosphere. Much more visible leadership team. A feeling of pride in the school. As parents we feel really proud that our son comes to such a great school, which we knew was fabulous whether OFSTED told us or not! The trips that Mrs Glover & Mrs Sear have been putting together are a fantastic idea and hope they continue. I am extremely happy with Daniel's progress since starting at the Pre-School. He seems to have made a lovely group of friends and enjoys coming in every day. I can't wait to see him progress further. Senior & middle leaders know the strengths of their staff & deploy them accordingly. More tailored support for different groups of learners has been a really big & positive change. Thank you! The Headteacher has a clear vision for the school & her ambition for it to continue to make improvements is shared by her senior team & staff.

Parents' Forum

Mrs Weitzel and Miss Bucceri lead an exciting project working with parents and carers.  It was set up in September 2014 and has been very important in helping us provide an even stronger partnership between home and school.  The school is very grateful to those who volunteer for the forum and for the time they are willing to give to help us work together for the benefit of the children. 


Our Parents' Forum is a group which:


no  enables parents to meet, share ideas and feed back to the school

no  gives parents a voice and enables them to contribute to school decision making

no  helps develop a partnership between parents and school

no  consults parents and advises the governing body of parents’ views.




Parent Forum Feedback


The Cliftonville Parent forum is a new initiative that started just as my daughter began reception in September 2014.  I was thrilled to receive the letter inviting parents to register interest in being part of this new initiative.


The Forum is run by two fantastic members of the teaching staff.  We have also had several visits during the meetings from the headmistress which is further evidence of how this forum is valued.


The forum is run in an extremely professionally manner with detailed minutes and agendas being sent prior to each meeting and all the points and actions clearly detailed. I am continually impressed with how, at each meeting, we are updated on the progress and actions that are already or in the process of being put in place due to our previous meetings and discussions.


This is exceptional and so encouraging to see parents’ views being listened to and valued in this way. As part of my job I am a member of several industry forums and the school forum is run equally as professionally and the number of actions that have happened as a result of the meetings is extremely impressive. 


It is a genuine conversation at each meeting, where both parents and teaching staff are focused on finding creative solutions to either overcome challenges or improve what is already in place with the best interest of the children always at the heart of the conversation.


The focus is always positive, and there is a strong emphasis on what we can do together to make the children’s school environment and learning journey, the best it can possibly be.


As a parent, I am a strong advocate of the school forum and have been telling many parents of children about to start the reception about it and feel proud our school has this in place.


It is another link between the parents and the school and a great way to get parents more engaged and feel they have a voice. It is also an opportunity for some parents who may feel cautious about approaching the teachers directly. Parents fell they feel they can come to the forum members directly to express their thoughts and are confident these will be shared and actioned in the meetings.


As a parent, it has given me an additional insight into school and increased confidence in the fantastic team of dedicated staff the school has.


I am proud to be a part of this forum and feel it is something that every school could greatly benefit from.


Georgina Griffiths


           Members for 2017- 2018



Ms. Cackett, Georgina Griffiths, Dorota Jurkowska, Orla Dollman, Ms. Thelliez, Jo Cackett, Mrs Spanjar .



When the forum meets we discuss the minutes from the previous meeting and actions that have happened as a consequence, an agenda item raised by the school, then others points parents bring to the meeting, either from their own experience or that have been raised through them by other parents who are not on the forum.


All issued raised are then discussed at leadership level and action taken as appropriate. The main areas of discussion are concerning -

  • Communication

  • Administration

  • Catering

  • School policies

  • Premises and procedures


    We do not discuss items relating to specific pupils, specific parents or individual school staff. These matters should be discussed one to one with the relevant teacher or year group leader initially and referred to SLT if appropriate.


    If you have an issue that you would like raised by the parent’s forum there are various ways of doing this

  1. Offer to join the forum

  2. Speak to one of the current parent forum members who will ensure the issue is raised at the next meeting if it meets the parent’s forum criteria.

  3. Write the issue on a piece of paper and place it into the suggestions golden box on the desk in the school reception.

  4. Email Parent’s forum using the email address below. Emails sent will be discussed at the next forum meeting if they meet the forum criteria. Emails will not be responded to, but you will see the item on the agenda of the next meeting.


    Any urgent issues, or issues that do not meet the remit of the parent’s forum should be discussed with a member of staff, either the child’s teacher, or the year group leader initially.


    To email parent’s forum please make sure you have read the above, and then use the following address:

  – these emails will only be collected the day before the parent’s forum meeting. Issues will be discussed at the forum, and will be noted on the minutes. Please refer to the minutes to see the response.



We meet once a term to facilitate positive and effective two way communication between parents and the school. Our aim is that all members of our school community have a voice which is heard and respected.


Please speak to these people if you have any ideas for the future which you think would help us to help your children, or if you have any concerns about what we do now that do not need to be resolved immediately.


Any comments will be discussed at the next forum meeting.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 22nd November 2017 5.30pm