Cliftonville Primary and Pre-School is an excellent school the children are happy and thriving. The dedication and hard work from the entire school team is outstanding and clear to see. I am extremely happy with Daniel's progress since starting at the Pre-School. He seems to have made a lovely group of friends and enjoys coming in every day. I can't wait to see him progress further. Presence of Teachers and caretakers at pick up and drop off really help you feel safe. The well-being of the pupils is outstanding. They have gone above and beyond to make sure my children have felt safe at school. My child is happy to come to school, the staff are visible and approachable. It is a lovely school with a welcoming feel and a positive atmosphere. Highly visible leadership team. A feeling of pride in the school. Supportive school for both parents and children. As parents we feel really proud that our son comes to such a great school, which we knew was fabulous whether OFSTED told us or not!

Wider opening of the school from 8th June onwards

Is the school office open?

The school office is open via the school phone, text and emails. No parents are to go into the school office.

Where and when should I drop off and pick up my child?

No parents are allowed on the school premises except as directed.

There will be clearly marked pathways, a one way system and zones. Please keep to these as they mark out 2m distancing rules. 

Each bubble will be coming in at a different time. You will be notified of your bubbles specific time. PLEASE keep to these times.

As you drop off your child, their temperature will be taken. If they have a high temperature, they will need to go home.

Reception children will use the Reception green gates at the staggered times given to each bubble.


Key worker bubbles will use the KS1 playground gate also at staggered times as previously indicated. Please come at those times only in order to reduce congestion. Social distancing  is necessary at all times.


Y1 will use the KS1 playground gate also at staggered times as previously indicated. Please come at those times only in order to reduce congestion. Social distancing  is necessary at all times.


Y5 will be using the back green gate- accessed from the 'Tramtrack alleyway'. Staff will be on the gate and the field will be opened to allow for social distancing.


Y6 will continue to use the car park to access a back gate. The car park will not be in use between 8.35- 9.20/ 2.35- 3.20pm. 

Bubble 1- drop off at 9.00 am and pick up 3.00pm

Bubble 2- drop off at 8.50 am and pick up at 2.50pm

Bubble 3- drop off at 8.40 am and pick up at 2.40 pm

Bubble 4- drop off at 9.10 am and pick up at 3.10pm


Children will enter with their parent/carer and will go straight to their designated area, keeping a 2m distance from any other individual as outlined on the footprints on the floor. These markers on the floors will support children with social distancing. There will be an exclusion zone area through which just the child walks through. At their designated home time, children will leave their classrooms and walk over to the same point as drop off.

They will leave one at a time when their parent has come to collect them, again keeping their distance using the markers on the floors as a guide.


PLEASE : There is no time to talk to the teacher, please say good bye and leave the site, following the one way system straight away.

Remember the 2m social distancing rules at all times- thank you.


The school office is open for phone calls, texts and emails only. It is important that the school remains sealed off to all but essential staff and pupils.

What should they wear?

To minimise the spread of the virus we would like children to be wearing a clean set of clothes each day. This can be their uniform or other clothes. Don’t worry if the uniform, including shoes doesn’t fit anymore, they can wear anything else that fits.

My child is feeling ‘under the weather’/ unwell, should I still send them in?


If you are in a any doubt that they are not well, then please keep them at home.

If they have a high temperature, cough or headache, please keep them at home and you will need to self isolate.

If they develop any of these symptoms whilst at school we will call you to come and pick your child up and take them home. I would urge you to get tested. If positive, the whole bubble and staff associated with that bubble will also need to self isolate.

You will not get penalised being absent at this current time.


Do they need a packed lunch?

They can bring in their own packed lunch. If they are entitled to Free School Meals then we can provide a school packed lunch. Please let the  school office know.

What will school life and the day look like, will it be different?

Yes, it won’t be a ‘normal’ school day.

Each bubble will be starting and finishing at different  times; playtimes and lunchtimes will also be at different times.

Children will not be mixing with other children who are not in their bubble.

Their classrooms will look different- each child will have their own desk and spaced so that the 2m social distancing measures can be adhered to.

Each child will have their own pack of pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers that will just be theirs and be kept in a plastic wallet, along with their class books.

Children will be escorted to the toilets to ensure there is no one else in there.

Each classroom will have a dedicated toilet to use.

The children will do some exciting learning activities and also some work to help them with the transition to their new school in September.