Cliftonville Primary and Pre-School is an excellent school the children are happy and thriving. The dedication and hard work from the entire school team is outstanding and clear to see. I am extremely happy with Daniel's progress since starting at the Pre-School. He seems to have made a lovely group of friends and enjoys coming in every day. I can't wait to see him progress further. Presence of Teachers and caretakers at pick up and drop off really help you feel safe. The well-being of the pupils is outstanding. They have gone above and beyond to make sure my children have felt safe at school. My child is happy to come to school, the staff are visible and approachable. It is a lovely school with a welcoming feel and a positive atmosphere. Highly visible leadership team. A feeling of pride in the school. Supportive school for both parents and children. As parents we feel really proud that our son comes to such a great school, which we knew was fabulous whether OFSTED told us or not!

Daily challenge

Well after nearly 100 daily challenges today is going to be the last one! We would like to thank you for your engagement, positivity and support throughout this crisis. It has been a true pleasure to see the children each day and what they have been up to. We thank each and every parent that has taken the time to send in their pictures. It has helped us stay connected as a school and a community which has been so vital for us all. Next week for the last three days we will be inviting you to send in your end of year messages via pictures or video's to end the strangest year for us all! So today's daily challenge is to get outside and find something in nature to make an observational drawing of. There are many plants, bugs or interesting landmarks in our local area so would love to see some pictures of them. Keep them all safe and bring them into school in September for us to make a wonderful lockdown work display! Send to

Today's daily challenge is to get active again and have a go at the Daily Mile challenges for this week. Send your active pictures into

Your daily challenge today is to sign up for the Libraries Summer Reading Challenge. Normally this will be run through the library where you could pick up a pack. However this year they have gone digital. If your child completes the reading challenge and brings in some evidence of their completion in September they will be rewarded 10 DOJO points.


Last day for our week on inventors - today there are two! The Wright Brothers. Find out where they are from, what they invented, facts about their lives or your own version of what they have invented. send your pictures into

Today for our Daily challenge we are going to move to looking at an American inventor THOMAS EDISON. Find out what he was famous for inventing, facts about his life or make a version of his invention. Send your pictures to

Today's Daily challenge continues our theme of famous British Inventors with JOHN LOGIE BAIRD. Find out what he was famous for inventing, facts about his life or make your own version of his invention. Send in your pictures to

To finish the Wildlife Daily challenge we will be looking today at the hedgehog. Send your pictures, fact files and anything else hedgehog related to:


Today's wildlife daily challenge is the 'Beaver'. Send us your pictures, fact files or anything else Beaver related to

Today's Daily challenge features the beautiful Fallow deer. Send us you pictures, fact files or anything else Fallow deer related to


Today's Daily challenge continues our theme of British Wildlife with the beautiful Barn Owl. Send us your facts, pictures, or any other things Barn Owl related to


This week our theme for the Daily Challenge is British Wildlife. We would like to you to find out about the animal of the Dormouse today. You could do a picture, make a fact file, present information on a video anything at all! Send to

To finish our musical themed daily challenge week we would love to hear your beautiful voices. We know Mrs Seemann is missing them! Send us pictures or videos of you singing your favourite rhymes and songs to

Today's daily challenge is to make up your own routine to your favourite piece of music. Send us your pictures or videos to


Today's Daily Challenge is linking art and music. Listen to this piece of music any music that you like) and draw what the music inspires you to do. Send in your music inspired art to


Day 2 of our musical themed Daily Challenge. Today a fun activity that if you made an instrument yesterday you could use as well (or make one today!). Put some of your favourite music on and play musical statues or your musical instrument or both!. Did you know If you have an Alexa you can ask her to play musical statues and she will pause the music for you. Send us pictures of you enjoying a dance to

This weeks Daily Challenge theme is 'Music'. Today's challenge is to make a musical instrument out of whatever you might have at home. Send us your pictures to
Last day of our geography themed daily challenges. Today we would like you to find out about the country of Canada. Looking forward to seeing your pictures at
Morning everyone. Today's Geography Daily Challenge is to learn about the country of Brazil. We look forward to seeing all you wonderful work at
Today's Daily geography themed challenge is to find out about the country of 'Japan'. We have been super impressed with your work so far on the countries we have looked at this week. Looking forward to seeing what you will do today - send them into
Good morning everyone. Today's Daily challenge is to find out about the country of 'Iceland'. As yesterday you could do a fact file, colour the flag, find out about the animals or food of the country or anything else Iceland related! We look forward to seeing your pictures at

Welcome back to Term 6! As you know we are opening the school to Year 6 tomorrow for those of you that have signed up for this week. However Daily Challenges are still here for everyone else still working at home on their learning. This week we have a 'countries' theme to our challenges.We would like you to find out today about the country of 'Australia'. You can make a fact file, colour their flag, find out about the animals of the country or their favourite foods. Anything you can think of! Send your pictures into

Today is the last day in our series of ways to Wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness week. Today's way is 'keep learning' your challenge is to take a look at the cardboard capers video and have a go at their art challenge. Send your arty pictures into

Today's Daily Challenge continues the theme of the 5 ways to Wellbeing today's being 'GIVE'. We would love to see how you are 'Giving' at home to help at your parents during lockdown. Send your pictures into


Continuing with our 5 ways to Wellbeing for mental health awareness week - today's way is 'TAKE NOTICE'. One advantage of the lockdown is some of us having more time to take notice of the world around us and appreciate it's wonder (have you noticed how blue the sky is now?!). Today's Daily Challenge is to send us pictures of things that make you take notice - this may be something from your daily walk or simply something you really appreciate doing or seeing at home. Send them into

Today's Daily Challenge continues with our 5 ways to Wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness week. Today it is 'BE ACTIVE' so we would like to link this with the Daily Mile challenge of wearing something blue for your daily exercise. Send us pictures of you in blue doing your chosen exercise to
This week it is Mental Health Awareness week, and in celebration we are going to be looking at the 5 ways of Wellbeing across the whole week. Today is 'CONNECT', your Daily Challenge is to make and send a card to someone such as a friend, family member, someone who has worked hard in the community such as NHS worker, teacher, care worker, shop keeper or perhaps care home residents. It makes us feel great when we connect with others so give it a go and send your pictures of your creations to
It's Friday so back to a favourite Friday Daily Challenge the Scavenger hunt. Today's hunt has a science inventor theme! Send in your pictures to
Today is the last day of our School Value Daily Challenges - Enjoy Learning. We would love to see or hear about what you enjoy learning most in school or what you have enjoyed learning at home. Pictures will be featured on our School Value display back in school. Please send them into labelled with class and name.​
For Wellbeing Wednesday we would like to focus today on our School Value of Safe and Settled. We would love to see pictures or descriptions of things that make you feel 'safe and settled'. We will feature these on our School Values display back in school. It will also help us understand what makes the children feel safe and settled so we can consider this on our eventual return to school. Send in your pictures to
Today's Daily Challenge is our School Value of 'Aspiration'. We would love to know what you aspire to be in the future. Draw us a picture, write a description of what you would like to do and why or anything else you can think of. Pictures will be featured on our new School Values display back in school. Send into labelled with your class and name.​
Morning everyone, Today's Daily Challenge continues our theme of our school Values. Today is Respect - we would love to see pictures, writing, poems anything at all that shows how we Respect others. This could be linked to VE day or the NHS that are particular in our thoughts and who the whole community has been showing Respect to with clapping on a Thursday, or anything else you can think of. Send in your pictures labelled with your name and class to

Today's Daily Challenge features our School Value of community unity. This has been so important to us during the current crisis in so many different ways. We really want to celebrate this in our school display so today we need as many pictures as possible of you (and family members if you wish) with your arms outstretched so we can display them together as a big virtual hug! Send them in to


In today's Daily Challenge we are linking with Wellbeing Wednesday and thinking about the very important school value of resilience. In these times resilience is so important to help us get through difficult times.Think about today a real or fictional character that has shown resilience and has inspired you. You could draw a picture of them, write about what makes them resilient, make a poster or anything else you can think of. We will be using your work on our new School values display in school so send them into labelled with your name and class.​
Over the next two weeks we are going to be thinking about our School Values in the Daily Challenge. Our values are at the core of what we believe in at Cliftonville and are so important for the children to guide them as they develop personally and academically across the school. We would love to freshen up our School Value display in school in preparation for the children's eventual return. Today's challenge is 'Independence' send us pictures to of something your child can now do independently or having a go at something new independently.THis could for example be baking, making their bed, tying shoe laces - anything at all. Please label your email with 'Daily Challenge' and your child's name and class.
A group of our wonderful pupils have got together (virtually!) to produce a Newsletter for everyone at Cliftonville Primary School. You can read it here:
Today's Challenge is to invite all of you to produce something for next weeks Children's newsletter. It can be a joke, a recipe, a write up of some interesting news or event from the local area - anything at all! You can submit these not only today but right up to Friday of this week. Remember to include your name and class on all emails to​
Last Daily Challenge of the week and it's a favourite of everyone - the scavenger hunt. Today's hunt has a 'gratitude' theme to remember all the things we can be thankful for in these difficult times.Send your pictures into
Today's challenge is try out the Arts hub 'How to draw' on You tube. Learn to draw everything from a Unicorn, flowers, superheros, pokemon the list is emmense and the results amazing. Give it a go and send your art work pictures into

Today is Wellbeing Wednesday again, so today's Daily challenge is to think of ways we can be kind to ourselves and others. This is particularly pertinent in the current situation, so you can design this in any way you like just tell us how you can be kind to yourself and others. Take a look at this website for further ideas:

Send your pictures into:

Today's challenge is to visit this great virtual aquarium tour and take a look around. Following that make something underwater related, it could be a description of your favourite underwater creature, art work, leaflet for the aquarium anything as long as it is underwater themed!

Today's Daily Challenge is anything Food related. We would love to see you try a new skill, maybe preparing food by cutting it or peeling it, see you try baking, make your adult a drink, write out your favourite family recipe - anything as long as it is food related! Send your pictures to


As we are all missing getting out and about visiting places, we thought today's Daily Challenge would be to experience a place we might like to go to when this is all over. #Leedscastle is a fantastic place with many fun things to do. They have some great educational resources to try on their website. We have picked out today for the challenge their Castle themed scavenger hunt, but you could do anything castle related! Take a look at their other activities here:…/Educati…/Education+Resources/ 


and send your pictures into us at

Today's Daily challenge is a perfect for when we are stuck indoors in Lockdown. We would like you to have a go at creating your own board game. Be as inventive as you like! Remember you could create a set of rules to accompany them. I'm sure Mr Michaels would also love it if you could incorporate some maths! We look forward to seeing your creations at
Here at Cliftonville Primary School Wellbeing is paramount through everything we do. Therefore we are going to make every Wednesday Wellbeing day on Facebook. Today's daily challenge has been inspired by two of our lovely pupils makes - a worry box. By using a worry box, children can focus and think about the things that are making them worry, and then the worries are contained in the box for someone else to hold on to for safe keeping. You can then come back and talk about your worries again at another time. We would love to see you try this with your children to help them talk about their feelings and worries in this difficult time. It doesn't need to be a box, it could be a jar or a glass whatever you have to hand.Send us your pics at

Tomorrow is Earth day, and with the current crisis happening across the world we think it is really important to celebrate this. Today's Daily Challenge is to make something to show how we can support our Earth. Maybe a pledge, art work, poem - take a look at the pictures for some other ideas and also the Earth day website.

Send your pictures to us at


Good morning everyone.

As you probably know Cliftonville school prides itself in being a Daily Mile school. We have found that the Daily Mile now has home challenges to keep us in our Daily mile mindset. So today's Daily challenge is to take a look at the Daily mile website for more information and to do the 'Blue Daily Mile Challenge' which is to wear something blue on your daily exercise. Send us pictures in of you in blue getting your Daily mile (either indoors or out!) at

Good morning everyone. Today we have a fun scavenger hunt, we look forward to seeing your finds at​

Welcome back to a rather strange start to term 5.

We hope you have had a nice and safe Easter break. Despite it being the holidays we know many of you have carried on with your learning at home so will be sharing what you have all been up to this morning.


As it is the start of the new term we will be resuming our Daily Challenge. Every year the National Gallery challenges children and schools to ‘Take one picture’ and interpret it in any way they like, through art, drama, literature or any other way you can think of.


Click the link to be able to zoom in to see aspects of the picture really close. Work can be kept and when we are back in school could be sent off to be part of for the Gallery exhibition next year. You can look on their website

for examples of what children have done previously.


We would love to see your ideas. Send them into homelearning and keep hold of your art work!

This could be an interesting activity for everyone. Click on the link below to see the whole time capsule activity booklet.
Today in school we would have been having a decorated egg competition and Easter bonnet parade. So rather than miss out today's daily challenge is an Easter / Spring related one. Create anything you like with materials you have to hand along that theme. You can make cards, write poems, make a hat or anything else that you fancy Spring / Easter related! This is the last challenge of this term but we wil be back after the Easter break. Keep all your pictures coming in to

Today's challenge is inspired by a project running in Thanet by Squirrelarts.SquirrelARTS have come up with an idea to engage the young children in Thanet, to use art as a thread to connect us with each other and help us in ways of coping through the coronavirus pandemic.

Come together in the big make together

Across the world we are being asked to isolate ourselves from one another within communities, this little Art project is a way of thinking of creative ways to bring us together. We invite you to sit around a virtual community table and help produce a big art collage together. Whether at home alone or on lock down with family, whatever your age, (As long as school age) and wherever you come from, we welcome all children of Thanet schools to take up this invitation to create a piece of art work in the theme of
something new from your new everyday. #duringthecoronavirus
See Slide for the rules
Send us a photo of your finished square, with #duringthecoronvirus your name and a short description.
(If you wish to remain anonymous, let us know).


We will share your square on our Facebook page and our Instagram feed, and later on some will be featured on our new website- Squirrelarts.


Once the coronavirus has come to a close, and we are returning to ordinary patterns of life, we encourage children from local schools around Thanet to exhibit their works with SquirrelARTS. Place to be determined.
Send photos of your finished square to

We of course would like to see them too at

Rules of the Squirrel challenge!!

Todays daily challenge- don’t forget to send your pictures in....

Today's daily challenge: Get arty with Zentangle! Take a look at the picture for examples. We look forward to seeing your creations send them in to

Thank you for the amazing response to our daily challenge yesterday. Today's challenge is to build the tallest tower you can out of what ever paper you have to hand. No rules, you can stick, bend, twist as much as you like! Send your pictures to:

Daily challenge 3


Children across the UK are putting up homemade rainbow creations in their windows at home, in a bid to spread hope and positivity while we are in lockdown. So today's challenge is to create a rainbow to put in your window. Be as creative as you like with the materials you have to hand at home! If you are going out for some exercise today see how many you can count in peoples windows. Send your pictures into: