It is a lovely school with a welcoming feel and a positive atmosphere. Much more visible leadership team. A feeling of pride in the school. As parents we feel really proud that our son comes to such a great school, which we knew was fabulous whether OFSTED told us or not! The trips that Mrs Glover & Mrs Sear have been putting together are a fantastic idea and hope they continue. I am extremely happy with Daniel's progress since starting at the Pre-School. He seems to have made a lovely group of friends and enjoys coming in every day. I can't wait to see him progress further. Senior & middle leaders know the strengths of their staff & deploy them accordingly. More tailored support for different groups of learners has been a really big & positive change. Thank you! The Headteacher has a clear vision for the school & her ambition for it to continue to make improvements is shared by her senior team & staff.

Cliftonville Pre-School

We are very proud of our wonderful pre-school!  Our children and families are made very welcome and we hope it marks the start of a long and happy educational experience at Cliftonville Primary School.


We provide a high quality education where young children can investigate and explore a well-planned, imaginative and challenging environment both indoors and outside, where they are encouraged to grow and develop at their own pace and where every day is varied, stimulating exciting and above all . . FUN!! We aim to provide carefully planned, fun-filled learning activities which are based on our professional knowledge of how young children learn. Such activities will meet the individual needs of your child to learn, experiment, make progress and develop - emotionally, socially, academically and physically.  There is a key focus on literacy skills including speaking and listening and, as they are ready, learning phonics for reading.  We have 52 places split equally across either morning or afternoon sessions.

If you would like to visit the pre-school, please make an appointment through the main school office.  We would love you to see us in action!


Some lovely feedback from our Stay and Play sessions:


“Gracie absolutely loves it here. She has great relationships with all her teachers and other students. The teachers here do a fantastic job and you can clearly see how much the children love them and enjoy being here.”


“I feel that Kye has settled very well and is always happy to go to Nursery and has come along well with his confidence.”


“I am very happy with this Nursery. The teachers are very nice, my child always talks about his day in the Nursery. He settled very well.”


“We are both very happy with Maja’s progress at Nursery and are very pleased with Maja’s use of the English language in particular.”


“I am very pleased with all the help and support for Alfie at the Nursery. It’s a fantastic Nursery. Mrs Tuffs and her team are brilliant. I’m very happy.”


“I am very pleased with Daniel’s progress within the Nursery. He has a fantastic relationship with his teachers and friends and has gained lots of confidence. I am looking forward to seeing him progress further.”


“I am very proud of the progress of Stanley. Since the day he has started I have noticed a massive change for the better.”


Remi progresses more and more each week and is so happy here at Cliftonville Nursery. She is a very confident little girl thanks to the children and staff here. We have no concerns or worries about her being here.”


“We are very happy with Anthony’s progress and happy with the comments his teacher has made – an accurate observation. Thank you for all the hard work and input and we do mirror this at home.”


“I was a bit worried about Lacy as she had never been in an environment with lots of children; the teachers have all been great with Lacy. Lacy loves coming to school!! We are really pleased.”


“I’m really happy with the progress Craiglee has made this term.”


“I am happy with this Nursery and how much Samanta has learned.”


“Kari has learnt so much and gained in confidence. She has lots of friends and loves taking part in activities. She is very proud of her “school nursery”. We have no concerns. Kari’s teachers always have positive things to say and we couldn’t have asked for better role models for our daughter.”


“I am very happy with Hayden’s progress. He has learnt a lot at the Nursery. He really enjoys it here.”


“I am extremely pleased with Freddie’s progress this year. I believe this to be due to excellent staff working together with the children i.e. Mrs Tuffs, Miss Pearlman.”


“I think Muhammed is very happy at this Nursery and I am so glad I enrolled him. I was in two minds at the beginning which is why he started later in the year as it is a commitment to bring him every day, but I definitely think it is well worth it as they make up for it in all of the other areas. It was the best decision I made. If I have any other children I will definitely do the same again.”


“Louise is always coming home having learned something or there’s some amazing activity going on at Nursery. She loves going to Nursery. I am very happy with the Nursery team. Mrs Tuffs is an amazing person to deal with, nothing too much trouble (and us parents can be crazy.) Thanks again, a very happy parent.”


"We are very happy with the Nursery. Polina has settled well and enjoys coming."


"I am very happy with Zach’s progress in Nursery and all the staff."


"We have seen that Rafi is very happy at Nursery. We are happy with his involvement and progress."


"I am happy with Sara’s progress. She is very confident and doing so well."


"I am happy with the progress of Harry this term."


"We can see that Elsie is very happy at Nursery. We are really happy with the way she has settled and her progress so far."


"I am very happy Wyatt-Alfie has settled well in a happy and loving environment. A good move and step up from previous arrangement at old nursery. Thank you."


"Pleased with Amarah’s progress; she enjoys Nursery and seems very happy with her teachers and the children."


"I am happy with this Nursery. Luis has settled in well and is learning a lot. I am so happy that the staff help children to learn. Luis knew all his colours after one week."


"I am very happy with everything. Sofia loves coming to school; when she was at home with chickenpox she asked every day when she can go back to the Nursery. I recommend this nursery to all my friends."


"Arbri is doing well. Thanks to your help. I am sure that Arbri as well as the other students will go on to improve with your support."


Well done to Mrs Tuffs and the amazing Pre-School team!



Look at our wonderful nursery...